The BSCB Ambassadors are the society’s advocates in the UK cell biology community. They should be your first point of call for information about what the society can do for you and also how you can get involved. They should also be the people readily available to ask about sponsoring you for membership.

Anyone who wishes to volunteer to become a BSCB ambassador at any Institutes not represented in the list below please contact the BSCB.

City/ Institute Ambassador Contact
Aberdeen Anne Donaldson
Bath Paul Whitley
Belfast James Murray
Birmingham John Heath
Feydor Berditchevski
Brighton John Armstrong
Bristol Harry Mellor
Kate Nobes
Brunel Joanna Bridger
Cambridge Babraham Simon Cook
Cambridge CIMR Gillian Griffiths
Canterbury Martin Carden
Dan Mulvihill
Cardiff Adrian Harwood
Chester University Eustace Johnson
CRICK Simon Boulton
Jean-Paul Vincent
Dublin-Trinity College James Murray
Dundee Angus Lamond
Inke Nathke
Durham Roy Quinlan
Edinburgh Ian Chambers
Margarete Heck
Luke Boulter
Hiro Ohkura
Exeter James Wakefield
Hull Justin Sturge
ICR Clare Isacke
Jon Pines
Imperial Vania Braga
Mandy Fisher
Kings/Guys Simon Hughes
Anne Ridley
Leeds Michelle Peckham
Leicester Andrew Fry
Liverpool Daimark Bennett
Sylvie Urbe
Manchester Charles Streuli
Iain Hagan
Nancy Papalopulu
Newcastle Jonathan Higgins
Norwich Grant Wheeler
Nottingham Trent Mark Turner
Oxford Brookes Chris Hawes
Oxford Jordan Raff
Queen Mary Susana Godinho
Reading Jonathan Gibbins
Sheffield Liz Smythe
Andy Grierson
Southampton David Tumbarello
Jane Collins
St Andrews Judith Sleeman
St Georges Ferran Valderrama
Stirling Tim Whalley
UCL Giampietro Schiavo
Patricia Salinas
Royal Vet College Nigel Goode
Warwick Anne Straube
Westminster Anatoliy Markiv
York Dawn Coverley
Nia Bryant