WICB Medal Winners

Women in Cell Biology Early Career Medal Winner 2016: Lidia Vasilieva


Dr Vasilieva is a group leader at the Department of Biochemistry, Oxford University.

Her group investigates molecular mechanisms involved in regulation of gene expression and their role in controlling cell responses. Lidia’s group has discovered a transcriptional mechanism that pre-programs specific protein-coding RNAs for degradation to control their levels in response to changing environment or during developmental programs.

Lidia did her PhD in Finland studying replication of RNA viruses. She started her independent research group at the Biochemistry Department in 2009 as a Wellcome Trust Research and Career Development Fellow after postdoctoral studies at Harvard Medical School in Boston, where she was supported by a Career Development Fellowship from the Leukaemia and Lymphoma Society. Recently, Lidia has been awarded a Senior Research Fellowship from the Wellcome Trust.


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Year Winner Name Affinliation Links
2015 Victoria Cowling College of Life Sciences, University of Dundee BSCB Website

Lab Website