Writing Prize

BSCB Science Writing Prize 2011

What makes us tick? John Ankers, University of Liverpool From the changing seasons to our daily sleeping patterns or the beating of our hearts, biological cycles are all around us. What we now know is that some of these very different natural cycles work together like cogs or gears in a giant clock. Understanding how […]


BSCB Science Writing Prize 2010

Inducing Apoptosis- Countdown to Self-Destruction By Susan Turrell, University of Leeds From very early on in its life, a human cell is destined towards a particular fate. This job could be conducting electrical signals along a neural circuit, travelling through the body’s system of blood vessels on the lookout for harmful pathogens, or sensing light […]


BSCB Science Writing Prize 2009

Untangling the string By Emily Pritchard, MRC Human Genetics Unit, University of Edinburgh Human DNA is long, really really long.  2m long, in fact.  2m of this string-like polymer is found the nucleus of every human cell.  The thing is, human cell nuclei are pretty tiny, only 20μm in diameter (that’s only 1/50th of a […]