Funded Summer Studentships

Summer Studentships Funded 2019

Yangye Zhang Jeremy Green, Kings College London Analysis of cell adhesion and cytoskeletal proteins involved in vertical cell migration during ectodermal placode invagination
Yaiza Arranz Martínez Paul Pryor, University of York The role of Synaptogyrin-2 in regulating the insulin-responsive glucose transporter GLUT4
Rachel Finlay Sophie Acton, LMCB, University College London Identifying the role of macrophages in maintaining lymph node integrity
Liza Zhabina Simon Cook, Babraham Research Campus, Cambridge Characterising the Regulatory Mechanisms on ERK5 in Naïve and Primed ES cells
Ana Raffaelli Nathan W. Goehring, The Francis Crick Institute Exploring state changes in polarity protein PAR-2 via single particle tracking / modelling
Junliang Lin Mark R. Morgan, University of Liverpool Investigating the potential risks of therapies based on umbilical cord-derived mesenchymal stromal cells
Samia Mohammed Anne Straube, University of Warwick Cooperation of molecular motors and passive crosslinkers
Karolina Jagielka Francisco Rivero, University of Hull Dissecting the role of the neuropeptide CGRP in regulating human lymphatic endothelial cell monolayer permeability and the cytoskeleton
Riya Vekaria Elisabeth Ehler, King’s College London Beta-Adrenergic Signalling and Intercalated Disc Composition
Adam Wells Martin W. Goldberg, Durham University Investigating nucleoporin Nup358 association with microtubules using multiple and correlative high-resolution microscopy techniques
Krystyna Sadzikowska Ewa Paluch, University of Cambridge Investigating the molecular control of cell shape changes in mouse embryonic stem cells exiting naive pluripotency
Jessicca Lines Carine De Marcos Lousa Expression of Human Clathrin Heavy chains in a Plant model T. Benthamiana


Summer Studentships Funded 2018

Sophie Alice Twigger Alistair Hume The role of actin nucleation and assembly proteins (ANAPs) in myosin-Va dependent organelle transport
Jeremie Subrini Kathy Niakan Engineering human embryonic stem cells to investigate the function of SMAD2 and SMAD3 signalling in pluripotency
Shawn Cottrill Sonia Rocha Role of KDM5 family members in the control of histone methylation in hypoxia
Rebecca Gilchrist Margaret R. Cunningham Investigating the cellular complexity of drug-induced cardiotoxicity by fingerprinting single cell mass spectral information using Time-of-flight Secondary Ion Mass Spectrometry
Juma Akhtar Ferran Valderrama Investigating the effect of zona-occludens-1 in the stability of tight junction in prostate acini, and how this can contribute to the metastasis of prostate cancer
Katie Sharrocks Mark Ashe An investigation into the coregulation of glycolysis at the level of mRNA localisation by various signalling pathways
Hansa Shree Chris Bakal Endogenous DNA damage due to mechanical stress
Nikhil Harsiani Frances Brodsky Investigating the unique properties of the non-canonical isoform of clathrin
Anantha Krishnan S S Margarete Heck Using Drosophila to investigate gender-specific differences in the essential, conserved invadolysin metalloprotease
Flora Ka Kei Cheng Jennifer Rohn The role of the host cell cytoskeleton in cytoplasmic invasion by uropathogenic bacteria
Harry Pink Helfrid Hochegger Investigating the precise localisation, and mode of action of the Eg5 motor protein during centrosome separation by super-resolution microscopy
Matthew Bagley Pier Paolo D’Avino Localisation and function of PP1 phosphatases during cytokinesis

Summer Studentships Funded 2017

Laura Hannett,University of Edinburgh Nancy Papalopulu, University of Manchester Absolute quantitative characterisation of transcription factor expression heterogeneity in breast cancer stem cells
Kenrick Dennis, Kings College London Anne Ridley, Kings College London Roles of PAK kinases in RhoH signalling
Evelyn Garlick, Durham University Martin Goldberg, Durham University Linking the cytoskeleton to the nuclear pore complex using super resolution light microscopy and correlative electron microscopy
Oğuz Kaan Yilmaz, University of Istanbul Jordan Raff, University of Oxford Dynamic investigation of centriole growth
Gabrielle Oxley, Durham University Mary Herbert, Newcastle University Harnessing the power of mitophagy to minimise the risk of transmitting mitochondrial DNA disease
Kate Murnane, University of York Paul Pryor, University of York The role of transcription factor SP6 in lysosome biogenesis
Laura Harrison, University of Bristol David Stephens, University of Bristol Imaging ER export of procollagen
Marius Cassidy, University of Manchester Michelle Peckham, University of Leeds Does Myo1e contribute to the metastatic phenotype of prostate cancer cells?
Frey Yann, University Paris Diderot (Paris VII) Julie Welburn, University of Edinburgh Mechanistic insights into MCAK regulation of microtubule length
Concepcion Garces Diaz, ETSIAM, Universitat Politecnica de Valencia Stefan Marciniak, University of Cambridge Elucidate the role of the GTPBP2 protein in stress granule dynamics, focussing on their disassembly upon recovery form stress
Ruth Ketley, University of Oxford Justin Sturge, University of Hull Development of an Endo180 fusion reporter protein using CRISPR/Cas9 gene editing in a model of pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma to investigate how the hyperglycaemic microenvironment can enhance tumour progression
Alva Casey, Trinity College Dublin James Murray, Trinity College Dublin Involvement of autophagy machinery in microglial cell phagocytosis

Summer Studentships Funded 2016

Vadim Demichev, University of Sheffield Ewald Hettema, University of Sheffield Is the myosin adaptor function of Pex19 evolutionarily conserved?
James Vines, University of Sheffield Jason King, University of Sheffield Catch me if you can: does BAR8 drive chemotaxis in Dictyostelium cells
Miriam Scarpa, University of Glasgow Marisa Segal, University of Cambridge CDK-dependent control of differential spindle pole fate in spindle morphogenesis
Yasmin Samir, University of Manchester Mark Ashe, University of Manchester Investigating the impact of mRNA modifications on localised actively translated glycolytic mRNAs
Oliver Inge, Imperial College, London Chris Bakal, Institute of Cancer Research The role of ARHGAP22 in the acquisition of Vemurafenib resistance
Kaylee Worlock, University of Exeter Michael Deeks, University of Exeter Live-cell imaging and modelling of phytopathogen-targeted secretion pathways
Hayley Smith, Nottingham University Andrew Renault, Nottingham University Germ Cell GPS – Determination of the molecular mechanisms guiding germ cells to the gonad
Sarah Adekola, National University of Ireland, Galway Helen Dodson, National University of Ireland, Galway Analysis of H2AX redistribution after DNA Damage using live cell fluorescence microscopy
Anna Dighero, University of Edinburgh Masahiro Ono, Imperial College, London To reveal the dynamic mechanism of Treg differentiation through TCR and costimulation signals in the thymus
Sonia Rolo, Catholic University of Lyon Tobias Zech, University of Liverpool Microtubule dynamics in hereditary spastic paraplegia type 8

Summer Studentships Funded 2015

Christian Bates, University of Manchester Mark Ashe, University of Manchester
Callum Scotson, Aberystwyth University John Doonan, Aberystwyth University
Rebecca Burge, University of Manchester Catherine Lindon, University of Cambridge
Jessica Prince, Oxford University Jonathon Pines, University of Cambridge
Jessica Upson, Oxford Brookes University John Runions, Oxford Brookes University
Sophie Nock, University of Reading Steve Thomas, University of Birmingham
Hannah Taylor-Lewis, University of Cambridge Julie Welburn, University of Edinburgh
Daragh Elise Campbell, University of Glasgow William Earnshaw, University of Edinburgh
Charlotte Guffick, University of York Daniel Ungar, University of York
Rebecca Sharpe, University of Bristol Jon Lane, University of Bristol
Yasmin Malde, University of Sussex Helfrid Hochegger, University of Sussex