Bursaries for undergraduate students

The Undergraduate Bursaries are administered through the Honor Fell / Company of Biologists Travel Award Scheme jointly funded by the BSCB and the Company of Biologists.

Undergraduate Bursaries are made to provide financial support for undergraduates currently studying cell biology or a related degree subject to attend the BSCB Spring Meeting. The award will cover the registration and accommodation costs of attendance. Travel costs are expected to be met by the University that the undergraduate attends.

The following rules apply:

  • Awards are made to undergraduates in their final year of study
  • Applicants must be studying for a Cell Biology or related degree.
  • Applications must be accompanied by a half page justification from the student
  • and by a supporting statement from the supervisor of studies or course organiser.

Download and print an application form in PDF format.

Applications should be sent to the Honor Fell / Company of Biologists Travel Awards Secretary

All applications must contain the following:

  1. the completed and signed application form
  2. statements from both the student and course organiser.
  3. The statement from the student should include details on why they wish to attend, what they hope to gain and also aspects of cell biology that to date they have found interesting.
  4. The statement from the course co-ordinator should indicate the course being undertaken by the student and reflect the calibre of the student, their enthusiasm for the subject and why they believe the student will benefit from the experience of attending the meeting.