The Society of Cells: A Community of Reactions and Systems in and Around Cells

In these ‘learning pages’ we use KEY CONCEPTS AND CONCEPT MESSAGES to help you, so what are they?
These are generalised ideas that try to create and impart the ‘big picture’ formed from the pieces of the cell biology ‘jigsaw’.
For more detailed information you are advised to look at the modern excellent and well-illustrated textbooks on molecular and cell biology.

In each Key Concept section you will find Concept Messages. These are the memories to take away when you have viewed the ‘big picture’. These memories are like the experiences and feelings an artist would like you to absorb, consider and reflect upon after viewing his picture. Some may fill you with a sense of awe. Hopefully they will convey the thrill of being involved in the study of every cell in your body and every plant and animal cell in the world.

” Concentrate on the concepts and mull over the message’!

Click on an item in the following list for a KEY CONCEPT and a CONCEPT MESSAGE.