The Abercrombie Conference Fund

Michael Abercrombie was a pioneer in the study of cell migration (“Michael Abercrombie: the pioneer ethologist of cells” Trends in Cell Biol. 8; 124-126) and following his death in 1979 a conference fund was established to support a quinquennial symposium.

In 2009 the fund was incorporated into the BSCB. Grants are now available to be used by organisers of conferences in the cell motility field if they can justify a need for additional support for an invited speaker or event beyond the normal sources of conference income generation.

Applications should be made by writing a letter to one of the trustees of the fund: Gareth Jones, Michelle Peckham, Peter Clark and Anne Ridley. Please allow at least 3 months before the funds are required.

The letter should provide details of the speaker or event to be supported, the research conference concerned, a justification of the sum requested and a statement on how the application fits in with the aims of the Abercrombie Fund.