Hooke Medal Winner 2015: Kairbaan Hodivala-Dilke

Hooke Medal Winner

Biography: After completing her Ph.D. on the role of integrins in epithelial biology with Prof. Fiona Watt (Imperial Cancer Research Fund, 1990-1994), Kairbaan undertook her postdoctoral studies with Prof Richard Hynes (Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 1994-1999) and entered a Cancer Research UK Tenure Track position to build her own group (Mentor, Prof Ian Hart, Barts Cancer Institute, London). Amongst her achievements she was awarded tenure with Cancer Research UK (2004), appointed Professor of Angiogenesis (2009), and Deputy Director of the Barts Cancer Institute (2012).

Using state-of-the art transgenic technology in combination with cell and molecular biology, Prof Hodivala-Dilke has made international contributions to understanding the role of adhesion related molecules, including integrins and downstream signalling molecules, in tumour angiogenesis and cancer spread. Most recently, her laboratory has unveiled a novel feature of tumour blood vessels in angiocrine signalling, and the control of chemosensitisation controlled by endothelial focal adhesion kinase. Visit Kairbaan’s website for more information on her research.

You can watch Kebs’ wonderful lecture and hear how her early interest in art and music led her to her current position as Deputy Director at Bart’s Cancer Institute on our YouTube Channel:

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