About the BSCB

BSCB Organization

The British Society for Cell Biology (founded 1965; registered charity no. 265816) exists to promote the advance of research in all branches of cell biology and to encourage the interchange of information. The Society organizes and supports meetings and conferences relevant to cell biology and plays an increasing role in raising awareness of science policy issues in the UK. The Constitution of the Society is available for inspection. The BSCB is supported by membership subscriptions, and by a generous grant from The Company of Biologists, who publish Development, Journal of Cell Science, Journal of Experimental Biology and Disease Models and Mechanisms.

Committee and Officers

The Society is run by a Committee of unpaid volunteers elected by the Members. The Officers of the Society, who are all members of the Committee, are directly elected by the Members. Members of the Society are encouraged to nominate candidates for the Committee or Officers positions at any time. Formal nominations should be seconded by another member of the Society. The Committee is also happy to receive un-seconded informal nominations. Nominations should be sent to the Secretary.
The Committee generally meets twice a year, at the Spring Meeting and in the Autumn in London. Additional meetings are arranged from time to time. Items for consideration by the Committee should be submitted to the Secretary .


The Society has no full time employees, but from time to time makes arrangements with individuals or companies to provide services for remuneration. Examples are secretarial help, meeting organization, website design, Newsletter layout and typesetting and auditing.


The Society accounts are audited annually and presented to the Charities Commission. A summary is published in the Magazine.

The Societies income is derived from Membership Fees and from Advertising in the Newsletter and Website. Society meetings are intended to run at only a marginal profit. The Society receives major grants from the Company of Biologists, a not-for-profit publishing house, to support its meetings and the Honor Fell / Company of Biologists Travel Grant Scheme.

Expenditures include (in rough order of size) Meetings, the Honor Fell / Company of Biologists Travel Awards, publications, administration and contributions for affiliation to organizations such as the UK Life Sciences Committee and the Institute of Biologists.

Annual General Meeting

The AGM is generally held at the annual Spring Meeting of the Society. Officers and Committee Members are elected at the AGM. Items for the AGM should be submitted in advance to the Secretary.


The Society generally organizes and sponsors two meetings per year. The Meetings Secretary (link to MS on Officers) is always pleased to receive suggestions for meeting topics.

  • The major Spring Meeting is design to cover a broad field of cell biology of wide interest to the membership. The Society wishes to encourage its members to attend the Spring meeting as the annual gathering of British Cell Biologists. In recent years, this Meeting has been successfully held in conjunction with the British Society for Developmental Biology.
  • A smaller, more specialized, Autumn Meeting is also supported.
  • When relevant International meetings are held in the UK, the Society may suspend/merge its meeting to avoid clashes.


The Society issues an annual Magazine that is sent to all members and is also published on the web. Contributions/suggestions are welcome and should be submitted to the Newsletter Editor.


The Society maintains a website with domain name www.bscb.org for the convenience of members and for the purposes of publicising the Society and the subject of Cell Biology more broadly. Contributions are always welcome by the Web and Social Media Officer.