Postdoctoral Researcher Medal Winner 2022: Adam Shellard

Postdoctoral Researcher Medal Winner 2022

Adam Shellard

Adam Shellard is a postdoc at University College London. He studied developmental biology at the University of Manchester, with a spell at Thomas Jefferson University in Philadelphia. He received his PhD at University College London in Cell and Developmental Biology, studying how neural crest cells undergo chemotaxis in Xenopus and zebrafish embryos in the group of Roberto Mayor. Adam won the Sammy Lee at the YEN meeting for this work.

Adam then transitioned to mechanobiology, investigating the role of stiffness and mechanical interplay between tissues for in vivo collective cell migration, discovering that cells can generate and follow their own stiffness gradients in vivo to enable persistent directional movement. He also established the cell migration seminar series that has been running virtually since the start of the pandemic. Read Adam’s recently puplished work in Nature.

You can follow Adam @AdamShellard on Twitter.

The medal will be awarded during the next joint BSCB/BSDB meeting which will be held on 03-06 April 2022.

The Postdoc medal was established in 2020 to recognise early career researchers who have made a major contribution to UK/Ireland Cell Biology during their postdoctoral training. You can read more about the medal here.