BSCB Postdoctoral Researcher Medal

The BSCB postdoctoral researcher medal award recognises early career researchers who have made a major contribution to UK/Ireland Cell Biology during their postdoctoral training.  This award was instigated by the BSCB postdoc representative, Gautam Dey, in collaboration with the BSCB committee.

As well as scientific excellence the committee will consider the applicant’s independence, contribution to the scientific community and outreach through public engagement and other activities. In the BSCB postdoc award we are looking for the next generation of inspirational scientific leaders.

The awardee will receive free registration, accommodation and UK/Ireland travel for the upcoming BSCB annual meeting at which they will be presented with a medal and give a short talk.


  • Open to BSCB members who are currently postdocs.
  • At the time of application, the applicant must not hold a group leader position (including through a Career Development Award) or a permanent academic position at a university or research institute.
  • Nominator (postdoctoral advisor or collaborator) does not have to be a BSCB member.
  • Applicants must have a first-author publication (biorxiv pre-prints are acceptable) from their postdoctoral lab.
  • Current members of the BSCB Committee are not eligible

Selection Criteria

  • 60% weighting: Science excellence
  • 20% weighting: Postdoctoral independence (intellectual contribution to the project, how different from core lab activities, supervisor’s letter)
  • 20% weighting: Community engagement and leadership (supervising students, teaching, peer-review, organising science related events, outreach)

Application: Deadline for 2022 extended to November 1st

The application should contain:

    • 1-page cover letter outlining the applicants’ contributions to UK/Ireland Cell Biology
    • CV including list of publications, abstracts, posters and meetings attended
    • Supporting 1-page letter from a a postdoctoral advisor or collaborator

Informal enquiries can be sent to Rowan Taylor

Applications and supporting letters should be sent to the BSCB Secretary, and will be judged by the BSCB committee. Results will be announced after the autumn committee meeting in time for the awardee to register for BSCB annual meeting the following spring.