Hooke Medal

Hooke’s Microscope

The Hooke Medal is awarded every year by the BSCB and recognises an emerging leader in cell biology.  The award was first made in 2000 and is named after Robert Hooke, the eminent 17th century natural philosopher and author of Micrographia (the world’s first comprehensive illustrated book on microscopy). It is given to an individual who  started their own group within the last 14 years (with allowances for legitimate career breaks).

The annual deadline for nominations is 1st November. Winners will be selected by the BSCB Committee and will be presented with their medal at the BSCB Annual Meeting at which they will give their Medal Lecture. You can peruse the list of previous winners of the Hooke Medal and watch a selection of Hooke medal lectures on our YouTube channel.

hooke medalThe medal shows Robert Hooke’s microscope and the cork cells he first described. It was designed by Dr Brad Amos.


Nominees must have made an outstanding contribution to cell biology and work predominantly in the UK or Ireland. Nominations must be supported by two scientists (at least one of whom is a BSCB member).  BSCB members can nominate themselves but this needs to be accompanied by supporting statements from two scientists.

Nominations must include a full CV including a list of relevant publications.  Two supporting letters are required and must include a short (no longer than 1 page) summary of the candidate’s major contributions to cell biology.  At least one letter must include a statement of eligibility: that the candidate has been independent for less than 14 years by the nomination deadline.  Note that we can be flexible in considering nominations for scientists whose careers may have been interrupted for any reason.  Please include this in the statement of eligibility. Current BSCB committee members are not eligible for nomination.

Nominations should be sent to the BSCB Secretary (secretary@bscb.org) by 1st November. If you would like more information about eligibility or the nomination procedure, please contact the BSCB secretary, Carine De Marcos Lousa (secretary@bscb.org), or the membership secretary, Jason King (membership@bscb.org).

The winner of the 2023 Hooke medal is Andrew Carter

Previous winners of the Hooke Medal.