BSCB Sponsored Meetings

Calendar of BSCB Sponsored Meetings

Date Title Venue Website
December 15, 2023 - December 15, 2023 UK Actin 2023 meeting The Watershed, Bristol More...

Support for small meetings: BSCB focused one-day meetings

In addition to the annual meeting at which the BSCB awards the Hooke and WICB medals and holds its AGM, the BSCB sponsors a number of focused one-day meetings. Amongst those regularly supported are the Bristol-based Actin meeting, the Edinburgh-based Microtubule meeting and the London-based Endocytosis meeting. These meetings attract more than 100 participants from the UK cell biology community, are relatively informal with speaking opportunities mainly for students and postdocs and have very low registration fees. Thus these meetings allow early career researchers to become part of the scientific community in their field of research without the need for a large travel budget.

If you like the idea, but there is not yet a one-day meeting for your field, why don’t you organise one? To get started, first gather support from colleagues in your field to make sure there is demand and a minimum number of participants guaranteed. Find a suitable date and venue and then apply for funding from the BSCB and other sources. We would expect the BSCB to be the main or one of the main sponsors and that the society contribution is acknowledged accordingly.

Criteria for Support:

  • The meeting is not organised for profit.
  • The topic of the meeting falls within the remit of BSCB and does not overlap with other sponsored meetings.
  • The meeting provides presentation opportunities predominantly for early career researchers and is open to the entire UK cell biology community.
  • It is a small one-day meeting and the BSCB is the main sponsor.
  • BSCB sponsorship is clearly indicated – ideally by attaching BSCB to the name of the meeting.
  • BSCB members benefit from reduced registration rates and a small exhibition stand for the BSCB is provided, which will be staffed by a BSCB committee member attending the meeting.
  • The meeting represents value for money – many BSCB members benefit.
  • The organiser(s) applying for funding must be members of the BSCB.

We want to support meetings that benefit the entire UK community and will not support local or regional meetings with only a few external participants.

Application Procedure

An application form is available here, please submit your application at least 6 months before the meeting to one of the two deadlines: 1st March and 1st October for consideration by the BSCB committee.

Support levels will not normally exceed £1200

Acknowledgement of Support

Should the application for support be successful, we ask that you acknowledge the support of the BSCB on your website and in any printed material circulated about the event, such as the abstracts book. We will provide a logo for these purposes. We may also ask the organisers to provide a short report on the meeting to be included in the BSCB Newsletter. Please also contact the web coordinator to add your BSCB-sponsored meeting to the above table.