BSCB Summer Studentships

The BSCB Summer Vacation Studentships offer financial support for high calibre undergraduate students, who wish to gain research experience in cell biology during their summer vacation. Our aim is to encourage students to consider a post-graduate research career in cell biology after their undergraduate studies.

How to apply:

  • The application must be made by the prospective supervisor. The deadline for 2024 is 20th March
  • Download and complete the application form here
  • Register an application in the online portal here, Select ‘Studentship’ as the scheme: you will need your BSCB membership number

Very general enquiries can be made to Victoria Cowling

General Details

  1. Studentships will only be awarded for students who have yet to complete their first degree, usually prior to their final year of studies. Students that are undertaking an integrated Masters Degree are eligible to apply.
  2. Awards comprise a student stipend of £340 per week for up to 8 weeks. Awards do not cover consumable costs.
  3. Applications must be made by the prospective supervisor on behalf of a named student. The supervisor must be the head of the lab but named post-docs are allowed to offer day to day supervision (see application form). Each student can only be nominated by one supervisor.
  4. Supervisors must be a BSCB member for a minimum of one year before, or on the date of, the application, and work in the UK or Republic of Ireland. Only one application may be submitted per supervisor. There are no restrictions concerning the nationality of the student, nor do they have to be a student at a UK university. A lab that receives a BSCB funded student cannot apply the following year. BSCB committee members are eligible to apply.
  5. The research project must be on a topic in the broad area of cell biology and must not form part of the student’s normal degree work. Projects will be assessed for objective, feasibility and opportunity for the student.
  6. Applications will be reviewed by a panel of members from the BSCB committee. Feedback on unsuccessful applications will not be provided.
  7. The titles of funded projects, together with the names and institutions of the students and supervisors will be posted on the BSCB website.
  8. The successful applicants will be required to submit a short article (1-2 pages) describing the outcome of the project to: Professor Victoria Cowling 

Please submit this within one month of completion of the project.

Details of previous summer studentship awards can be found here.