BACR conference: Tumour Microenvironment – Basic Science to Novel Therapies (with 3D Model Workshop)

Just one week left until the abstract deadline for the British Association for Cancer Research conference below:

14th to 16th June 2017

Nottingham Conference Centre, Nottingham, UK


Tumour growth and metastasis is critically dependent on the interaction between tumour cells and their surrounding environment. Knowledge of the role of the tumour micro-environment has been developing rapidly and therapies aimed at tumour vasculature and lymphatics, immune interactions, and stromal components are now increasingly available. 3D models designed to closely mimic the human tumour microenvironment are increasingly being used in an attempt to generate more clinically relevant data from laboratory studies.  This meeting aims to highlight  the latest advances in this field from basic science to clinical development and to provide a workshop forum for researcher to discuss recent developments in 3D cancer modelling.


Modelling cancer in 3D


Tumour immunology


The interstitial stem cell niche

Hypoxia and metabolism


While you’re planning your travel for this year, don’t forget to register for the BSCB/BSD/GenSoc Spring Meeting as well!