Image Competition Winners Announced

And the winners are…

The central nervous system of a Grasshopper embryo.

The central nervous system of a Grasshopper embryo.

The £200 first prize goes to a beautiful and tenuous array of cells comprising the developing central nervous system of the grasshopper embryo taken by Dr. Anna Franz in the School of Biochemistry at the University of Bristol. The second prize of £100 goes to the vibrant and striking image of human embryonic stem cells that have undergone neural differentiation into rosette-like clusters, by taken Dr. Patrick Ovando-Roche, based in the Institute of Reproductive and Developmental Biology at Imperial College, London. The third place prize goes to Dr. Louise Hughes, Head of Bio-imaging at Oxford Brookes University for a colourful 3D rendering of kissing trypanosomes. Who said cell biology wasn’t interesting?

You can see the winning images (and previous year’s winners) here.

This year saw a record number of entries and I’d like to thank all entrants for submitting their cell biology images in this closely fought competition. We look forward to next year’s entires – so keep snapping!