Dynamic Cell 2014 BSCB-Biochemical Society Joint Autumn Meeting

The Dynamic Cell meeting was held in 2014
Where | Robinson College, Cambridge.
When | 4-7 September 2014.
What | A meeting with a mix of membrane trafficking, mitosis, motors and microtubules. Organised by BSCB and Biochemical Society.


BSCB teamed up with the Biochemical Society to run an autumn meeting The Dynamic Cell 2014 at Robinson College, Cambridge. The meeting brought together 196 delegates from around the globe (USA, Australia, Asia, Europe) working across different areas of cell biology including endocytic sorting, the secretory pathway, chromosome segregation, cytokinesis, cytoskeletal motors and cell motility and the cytoskeleton. I co-organised the meeting with James Wakefield (Exeter, BSCB), Jeremy Carlton (KCL, Biochem Soc) and Ulrike Grunerberg (Oxford, Biochem Soc). The Biochemical Society provided organisational support, Charlotte Dooley in particular was very helpful in getting everything organised.
The meeting comprised six sessions with a mix of invited speakers and elevated presentations. The gender balance was 48% and 41% female for invited speakers and elevated talks, respectively. Many of the presentations featured unpublished work, making for many exciting and stimulating discussions that continued well into the evening. The BSCB-sponsored plenary lecture was delivered by 2012 Lasker prize awardee Prof Jim Spudich (Stanford), a fantastic historical overview of his discoveries on myosin and his latest work on heart disease. The Biochemical Society presented three medals at the meeting to Melina Schuh (MRC-LMB), Juan Martin-Serrano (KCL) and Jeff Errington (Newcastle). These awards were presented by Ron Laskey, outgoing president of the Biochemical Society, and a previous chair of the BSCB.
We ran four poster sessions throughout the meeting, these were well attended and the poster judging was crowd-sourced. The Biochemical Society and British Society for Cell Biology poster prize was awarded to Amy Wilson (KCL) for her poster entitled Probing cytokinesis: Identifying new proteins involved in cell division, and the Biochemical Journal poster prize was awarded to Mark Richards (University of Bristol) for his poster The formin FMNL3 in angiogenesis.
Cambridge was an excellent place to hold the meeting. Robinson College was a great venue, with high quality accommodation and AV equipment. The meeting dinner, held in the grand surroundings of King’s College, was hugely popular, especially amongst the attendees from outside the UK.

Programme and abstracts

Keynote talks

Plenary Speaker | Jim Spudich

Jeff Errington (Newcastle, UK) | Novartis Medal and Prize
Juan Martin-Serrano (KCL, UK) | GlaxoSmithKline Award
Melina Schuh (MRC-LMB, UK) | Early Career Research Award

Sessions and speakers

Cell Migration and the Cytoskeleton
Anne Straube (Warwick, UK)
Laura Machesky (Beatson, UK)
Vic Small (Vienna, Austria)

Cargo Sorting in the Endocytic Pathway
Gero Steinberg (Exeter, UK)
Linton Traub (Pittsburgh, USA)
Margaret Robinson (CIMR, UK)
Peter Cullen (Bristol, UK)

Membrane Traffic in the Secretory Pathway
Anne Spang (Biozentrum Basel, Switzerland)
Catherine Rabouille (Hubrecht Institute, Netherlands)
Susan Ferro-Novick (UCSD, USA)
Vivek Malhotra (CRG Barcelona, Spain)

Molecular Control of Chromosome Segregation
Claire Walczak (Indiana, USA)
Fanni Gergely (CRUK CRI, UK)
Jonathan Millar (Warwick, UK)
Susanne Lens (Utrecht, Netherlands)

Membrane Dynamics during Cytokinesis
Francis Barr (Oxford, UK)
Gerd Juergens (Tuebingen, Germany)
Pier Paolo D’Avino (Cambridge, UK)
Ulrike Eggert (KCL, UK)

In-Vitro Analysis of Molecular Motors
Andrew Carter (MRC-LMB, UK)
Michelle Peckham (Leeds,UK)
Thomas Surrey (CRUK-LRI, UK)


BSCB organisers | Steve Royle (Warwick) & James Wakefield (Exeter)
Biochem Soc organisers | Jez Carlton (KCL) & Ulli Gruneberg (Oxford)