Windermere 2013



Autumn Meeting Poster Prize Winners: 1. Ben Fitton (middle) 2. Alessandro De Simone (left) 3. Toni McHugh (right) together with Petra Gross from JCS who sponsored the poster prizes

Confirmed Speakers

Rob Cross, Warwick

Erika Holzbaur, Pennsylvania

Keiichi Namba, Osaka

Jon Scholey, Davis

Anna Akhmanova, Utrecht

Andrew McAinsh, Warwick

Jan Löwe, Cambridge

Eric Greene, New York

Marie-France Carlier, Gif-sur-Yvette

Aurelien Roux, Geneva

Dennis Discher, Pennsylvania

Anne Straube, Warwick

Antoine Van Oijen, Groningen

Mark Dodding, London

Daniel Robert, Bristol

Claudia Veigel, Munich

David Odde, Minnesota

Ewa Paluch, London

Jenny Gallop, Cambridge


Mechanochemical Cell Biology
2-4 Sept 2013

Organisers: Anne Straube, CMCB Warwick and Justin Molloy, NIMR, London

This year the focused Autumn meeting of the BSCB will take place at The 4 AA* Low Wood Bay Hotel, Lake Windermere in the heart of the beautiful English Lake District.

The meeting will cover a range of topics in mechanochemical cell biology including: the structure and theory of motors and tracks; cytoskeletal dynamics; mechanosensing and transduction; motorisation of chromosome segregation; cell shape and polarity; the flagellum motor and cilia; DNA/RNA motors; motorisation of pathogens, and membranes.

Venue: Wood Low Bay Hotel, Windermere, Cumbria