preLists – charting the waters of the preprint sea

The Company of Biologists have announced the launch of preLists, a new initiative within preLights where early-career researchers (preLighters) curate lists of preprints for the community. These lists follow two main themes: preprints on a specific topic or preprints which have been presented at scientific meetings. Our preLighters can also add brief one-liner summaries to each preprint and topic-specific lists are continuously updated as new studies come out.

When preLights was launched 15 months ago, one of the Company of Biologist’s main aims was to facilitate preprint commenting. With 400 preLight posts published so far, and over a third of them containing comments from authors, they hope to have played a small role in promoting discussion. With preLists, they want to provide an even broader selection of interesting work, grouped into well-defined topics, including technologies (e.g. preprints on CRISPR technology, biomolecular NMR or microscopy) or narrower research areas (e.g. preprints on zebrafish immunology, cellular metabolism and mitochondria or antimicrobials).

For more details about this exciting new initiative, please click here.