Winner of the BSCB Hooke Medal, 2018 announced

We are delighted to announce that the winner of this year’s Hooke Medal is Andrew McAinsh, from the University of Warwick. He will be presented with his medal and give a medal lecture at the annual BSCB meeting, Dynamic Cell III, in Manchester, 19-21st March 2018.

Andrew McAinsh’s lab is focused on understanding how chromosomes are correctly separated into the two new daughter cells following cell division. Chromosomes contain the genetic information and mistakes in this process are associated with the progression of cancer, developmental Syndromes (i.e. Down’s) and miscarriage.

In particular, they have explored the workings of a nano-scale molecular machine called the kinetochore. Kinetochores assemble on each chromosome and grip molecular cables (called microtubules) within the cell. Professor McAinsh’s lab are working to understand how kinetochores instruct these cables to grow and shrink, maintain their grip, and thereby power chromosome movement