Women in Cell Biology Medal – final call for nominations!!

To mark the 50th Anniversary of the founding of the BSCB we launched a new annual  prize, the BSCB Women in Cell Biology Early Career Award Medal (WICB for short!). This honour is awarded to an outstanding female cell biologist who has started her own research group in the UK within the last 7 years, with allowances for legitimate career breaks. Last year’s winner was Dr. Victoria Cowling, University of Dundee.

Candidates can be nominated at any time but must be nominated by two BSCB members, should provide a full CV and a short summary of the candidate’s major contributions to cell biology. Submission should be sent to the BSCB Secretary, Grant Wheeler (Grant.Wheeler@uea.ac.uk). The deadline for nominations this year is 1st August. Winners are  selected by the BSCB Committee and will be presented with their medal at the BSCB/BSDB Annual Spring Meeting where they will deliver their Medal Lecture.