BSCB COVID-19 Initiative: Funding for Virtual Conferences and Seminar Series

As a result of the current situation leading to the cancellation of many scientific meetings, we at the BSCB would like to invite our members to apply for financial support for virtual meetings or virtual seminar series. 

The virtual meetings can be either a one-off event running over one or more days or can be a regular series. Criteria for funding will be:

1. The subject area must be within the remit of the BSCB
2. Selection of speakers must be inclusive, in particular providing opportunities for early career researchers to present
3. The meeting must be open to all interested participants (UK and beyond)

We are willing to fund activities that are already in progress as well as new initiatives. If we have more applications than we are able to fund, we will look to minimise overlap and fund across the topics.

To apply for this support, please complete the form below: